Government Solutions

We've been a trusted partner of many central government departments and agencies since the 2009.
We have helped deliver more innovative and efficient ways of working which has helped government to bear down on costs and improve public services be they front line or back office in nature.

Public Services Reform - Better for less

We offer new and innovative service delivery models to meet the challenges of delivering improved outcomes within strict financial limits.

Economies of scale

Through our extensive capabilities and infrastructure, we offer flexibility, increased service efficiency, high quality and transparency about what is being delivered and at what cost.

Bespoke Models of Delivery and Collaboration

We design collaborative service arrangements to meet specific customer service and wider policy requirements.


We bring new and auditable ways of helping government deliver on its objective of achieving full transparency into service contract arrangements.

Transform the existing – and create the new

We adopt the right approach for the circumstances: transforming and managing existing services – or creating completely new service infrastructures. We bring the right balance of skills and experience in transforming operations be it via workforce upskilling, process re-design and/or digital technology change while giving due regard to managing risk.

Communities, households, citizens

Our approach is collaborative as we always look to apply our expertise in ways that can complement the expertise of public & private sector organizations so that the needs of the public are put first. This includes introducing and deploying new digital service channels as these provide the benefits of access and convenience for service recipients, cost savings for government frees payers and new data to inform policy makers.

Our Government Solutions include

Business Process Outsourcing
Outsource to us ... save time and money
CATEC can take care of a wide range of the specialised processes that are peripheral to your business – leaving you free to concentrate on your core activities. Our business process outsourcing expertise runs across the whole spectrum of common operational services, as well across most industry sectors.

Moving from in-house service to specialist third party provision gives your organisation the benefit of economies of scale, a range of expertise and resources, and flexible delivery options.
We have a wealth of experience in transforming processes, managing your people, looking after your customers and effective IT.
  • Tailored to your needs : CATEC can deliver one or two individual services, an entire function (eg, finance, Front Desk, command & control, contact centre or Manpower), or an end-to-end business process. CATEC transform and manage existing services, or create and run completely new ones. And CATEC can bring that service, or full solution, to you in a number of ways, adapted to your particular needs. Read more about our flexible service delivery options.
  • If it’s not core to you, it’s probably core to us: CATEC can look after everything from customer services to back-office, HR to IT, property consultancy to service improvement.

Outsourcing Government services

We have a solid track record providing outsourcing services to government since the 2009.
We’ve helped our clients introduce more efficient working methods and squeeze cost from their operations.

Our clients include The Center of Waste Management-Abu Dhabi (Tadweer), Municipality & Planning Department of Ajman Emirate, Al Madina Region Municipality, KSA and much more. We’ve delivered a variety of single functions to our clients – HR, IT, back-office, front-desk, customer management, Inspection Management, Revenue management, technical consultancy, command and control operations – as well as tightly integrated end-to-end services.
We’ve enabled Departments to launch new policy initiatives and agencies to transform and manage existing services.
Our wide range of capabilities and extensive infrastructure mean we can quickly scale-up to meet any requirements for throughput, service efficiency, quality and flexibility.

Working with us gives you:
  • inspired and productive people
  • streamlined administration
  • effective IT solutions
  • innovation
  • improved customer services
  • comprehensive expertise and resources
  • extensive business centre network
  • flexible, efficient service agreements
  • variety of delivery models to suit the service.
Revenue Management
CATEC market leading revenue capability for government authorities’ administration and collection
Since the early 2009 we’ve been looking after the revenue administration and collection for The Centre of Waste Management- Abu Dhabi (TADWEER), which see us as trusted partner. With market-leading IT and more than 200 people to handle the work, we offer the country’s leading service of this type.

CATEC’s service will help you save money and improve your overall performance – increasingly important with pressure on budgets sure to continue.
CATEC flexible approach ensures that we can tailor a service that precisely meets your needs – no two local authorities are the same. CATEC can offer a full strategic partnership – so you can generate long term savings – or we can give you on-demand access to our resources – a reserve to cope with peaks. We have the skills, scale, infrastructure and experience to meet your needs.
We tailor our services strictly to your needs
CATEC make sure we understand your requirements thoroughly and ensure that we’re providing exactly – and only – what you need, whether that’s an entire finance function or individual services.
CATEC help realise cost and efficiency improvements through: :
  • Streamlining transactional and administrative processes
  • Building shared service models
  • Delivering managed services
  • Ensuring cost-effective, consistent and transparent procurement of goods and services.

We’re uniquely placed to provide you with:
  • Transactional finance services: accounts payable and receivable, debt reduction, ledger management, systems admin, automated remittance and cheque reconciliation
  • Revenues collection
  • Accountancy services: management and financial accounting
  • Fiduciary services
  • Violations and Penalty Charges management
Customer Management
CATEC can manage all customer interactions for your organisation, improving your responsiveness to your customers and saving you money.
CATEC have delivered award winning contact centre and customer service for a number of government schemes and public sector agencies. Clients include Environmental Service Provider Licensing, Waste Tariff Collection Services, Medical Treatment Tariff Collection, Legal Services Commission and many more.
CATEC’s consumer applications can help you manage the brand and purchase experience, while delivering greater value to your customers.
These services are all based on a thorough analysis of your organisation and its objectives. CATEC tailor the services precisely to your requirements so that you are paying only for what you need and impacting only the processes that need attention.

CATEC offer the expertise, technology and operational infrastructure to support a wide range of services that include:
  • Channel-shift strategy
  • Customer-centred service design
  • Highly efficient contact centres
  • Enhancing, transforming and managing existing service operations
  • Designing and delivering greenfield service delivery platforms.

Providing services focused strongly on the needs of customers is one of our core activities. Working with us gives you choice and flexibility in what we deliver and how.
You benefit from:
  • Improvements to the way your customers use your services
  • Improved operational flexibility
  • Increased revenue and continued growth
  • Maximised agent productivity
  • Maximised site utilisation
  • Our high level of investment in new technology.
To your customers we deliver:
  • a personalized and joined-up experience
  • a simple journey, taking less effort to get what they want
  • increased confidence in their service provider
  • convenience.
ICT Solutions
CATEC can take care of your IT needs, leaving you with more resource to provide services to your customers
CATEC is the leading provider of IT services to the public sector.
CATEC work with many of government authorities in the UAE as well as in the MENA region, providing them with everything from fully managed and outsourced IT services to specific extensions to their in-house capacity.
They have chosen us because of our track record in delivering cost-effective and efficient IT services, and our extensive experience in this unique marketplace.

We can meet your needs in a wide range of areas:
  • Fully outsourced IT service
  • Extra resource for particular areas of your in-house service
  • Long term strategic planning and implementation
  • Architecture design
  • Improvements to the user interfaces of your IT systems
  • Management of your IT infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of service delivery models, customer service solutions, applications services such as CRM, online services, and enforcement & inspection solutions.
You can expect to benefit from:
  • Lower operating costs - you’ll save money by using our experts and our infrastructure
  • Lower capital investment costs - or none, if you outsource your whole service to us
  • Greater efficiency - better service to your customers
  • Better business processes
  • More efficient ways of working

We have in-depth experience of the IT needs of government. We’ll work closely with you to tailor solutions to your particular circumstances and to help you take advantage of the improvements that our IT services make possible.
Software Solutions
Software solutions for government to help you make improvements and save money
Our unrivalled experience of this market stretches back to the 2005 and we have extensive knowledge of public sector infrastructure, service obligations, financial pressures, and strategic objectives, and all of this built upon practical experience.
CATEC can meet all your needs for software – harnessing the power of technology to improve service to your customers, save money, and increase the accuracy of the information you handle.
Working with over 100 government authorities, CATEC have developed a wide range of flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of every government authority we serve. CATEC run dozens of successful shared service partnerships and we pioneered self-service facilities for government authorities. Comprehensive support comes as standard and is often part of wider transformational programmes.
Here are some of the ways we can make life easier for you and better for your residents.
  • Payment collection : CATEC provide a choice of convenient, easy-to-use and highly secure payment methods making it easy for your customers to pay, helping you keep arrears as low as possible and reducing the workload for your staff.
  • Revenues and benefits : Our software solution saves resources, increases accuracy and speed of access to data, and eliminates the repetitive keying in of information.
  • Sharing services : CATEC can help you share common services with other authorities, saving all parties money and helping deliver better services.
  • Mobile : CATEC can help you and your workforce capitalise on all the benefits that mobile technology offers.
  • Apps : CATEC is developing a range of smartphone apps to give your customers easy and convenient access your services.
  • Electronic document management : Our electronic document management solutions have been designed to deal effectively with the mountains of paper in operations.
  • Moving customers online : This is one sure way of squeezing costs out of your operation: the more online self-services you can offer, the more you can save. We specialise in providing services that do just that.
Public Private Partnership
CATEC has a deep belief in long term strategic win-win solutions to formulate strategic partnerships Designing, Building, Operating and financing Projects and facilities; this includes Designing, Building, Operating and maintaining turnkey Service and Product Delivery systems including building Legislative, administrative, and Technical Framework developing policies and procedures, Implementing IT and MIS solutions, provide comprehensive service delivery approach through our innovative and experienced team.
With a unique understanding and solid experience in the PPP in the MENA region that was formulated by implementing strategic partnerships with some of the most reputable Public Sector entities, with an extensive network of logistics and infrastructure support that spans to cover the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Abu Dhabi City, Al-Ain and The Western Region; CATEC is your strategic Partner.

What is a PPP ?
  • Simply stated, public-private partnerships (PPP’s) are contracts between a private sector entity and a government body that call for the private partner to deliver a desired service and assume the associated risks. The government is relieved of the financial and administrative burden of providing the service, but retains an important role in regulating and monitoring the performance of the private partner.
  • The popularity of PPP arose initially out need for financing to meet increasing demand for expansion and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure such as roads, energy facilities, and water and sanitation networks. Employing PPP as a tool for meeting its obligations to citizens, governments have been able to avail themselves of state of the art technology and private sector expertise, while avoiding excessive strains on already limited budgets.
  • Citizens enjoy improved service delivery without large tax increases, and sometimes with decreased user fees, and economic growth flourishes in sectors seeking to compete for lucrative PPP contracts. While the experience with infrastructure PPP has been varied, public and private partners alike have learned from early infrastructure PPPs. The model continues to gain acceptance, and is rapidly expanding in to all areas of public life, including ICT resources and e-government.