CATEC powers digital transformation through services designed to reinvent your application portfolio and a new style of IT.

Portals & Collaborations Services What is the potential for your enterprise? Find out with collaboration.

Why is collaboration so compelling now? Employees want to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. The sweeping adoption of social media is driving higher expectations for technology in the workplace and changing the dynamic between companies and their customers.
SharePoint Solutions & Services
CATEC is a leader in deploying, upgrading and customizing SharePoint.
CATEC is the leader in SharePoint implementations and deployments, building on our significant experience with previous versions. CATEC has worked with over 100 customers to deploy SharePoint since 2005, and in the past three years has helped over 50 customers implement SharePoint 2010 & 2013. The fact that CATEC is working on more SharePoint projects than ever, further demonstrates the excellence of CATEC when it comes to Microsoft technologies and capabilities and the enthusiasm of customers for SharePoint.
CATEC is the number one Microsoft partner for SharePoint skills and certifications, having Gold Microsoft certifications in portals and collaboration.
Beyond these numbers and initial success with SharePoint implementations, what makes CATEC truly unique and different from 3,000+ other SharePoint partners in the marketplace?
  • Our consultants can talk about both business and technical issues
  • Our consultants can be both technical and strategic
  • We deliver both horizontal scenarios and vertical-specific applications
  • Our unique relationship with Microsoft provides us with superior knowledge of Microsoft technologies
  • CATEC provides unique thought leadership in differentiated spaces, some of which include: enterprise social collaboration, digital marketing, mobile and cloud and managed services

With collaboration remaining a top priority for customers, and SharePoint becoming a ubiquitous, integrated enterprise platform, CATEC aims to remain uniquely positioned as the dominant SharePoint provider.
Enterprise Content Management
Improve collaboration through better content management.
Content has a way of accumulating until it becomes more of a liability than an asset. CATEC Enterprise Content Management puts organizations back in control of their content. Whether the source is documents or email, web assets or customer information, our solutions provide a single, secure portal that improves your organization’s efficiency and ability to collaborate.

We provide simplified information access, powerful content management tools, and enterprise-wide search capabilities based on Microsoft SharePoint.
CATEC helps you manage both internal and Internet-facing resources with a “multi-channel” system, and even extend the platform to your digital marketing or e-commerce assets.
CATEC Enterprise Content Management allows you to:
  • Focus on content creation, relying on a solution that is intuitive and simple, through discovery and collaboration
  • Ensure compliance through content policy, information architecture and taxonomy
  • Deliver centralized eDiscovery across the Office platform
  • Protect your organization by improving compliance without affecting user productivity
SharePoint Upgrades & Migrations
Advance with confidence.
Upgrades and migrations are major milestones for companies providing benefits but a source of concerns due to the nature of business critical applications. The SharePoint 2013 Migration Kit was built and tested based on work performed in the enterprise and allows you to leverage our expertise in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to understand where, when and how to introduce the latest Microsoft collaboration platform within your organization.
We have the flexibility to work on premises or with fully managed services – including Office 365.
Once you decide on an upgrade path, we offer guidance based on best practices developed by working with the latest technologies, both within CATEC and with our customers. The result is a faster time to upgrade, predictable costs, a higher-quality result and more satisfied administrators and users.

The SharePoint Migration Kit includes several valuable assets that help ensure successful migrations and upgrades:
  • The Capability Assessment Tool: Helps quantify the value of upgrading your collaboration environment to SharePoint 2013
  • The Upgrade Assessment Report: Summarizes the outcomes of the strategy and architectural planning meetings —the result of the report is CATEC’s recommended approach for the upgrade to SharePoint 2013
  • The Upgrade Project Plan Template: Creates a baseline of project activities and tasks to conduct a SharePoint migration project from start to finish
  • The Upgrade Deployment Plan Check list: Provides a basis for creating detailed deployment plans — the checklist is a detailed set of actions, including preparation, upgrade and post-upgrade tasks
Enterprise Search Customization
Find the information you need, when you need it, with enterprise search.
Your enterprise has a wealth of information. The ability to quickly search and find necessary data across the enterprise can save time and increase the effectiveness of your collaboration efforts.
CATEC has the expertise to customize internal search to put your information to work for you.
We offer:
  • Search Strategy – We start by assessing your current search, generating capability assessments against maturity models, prioritizing your goals, and creating a roadmap with initiatives. Search is critical in accomplishing these objectives and the solution can include a broad study in information retrieval and may cross collaboration, knowledge management, and process and information management
  • Search Requirements Generation – We facilitate business-centric requirements workshops in order to generate the functional requirements for a particular use or system.
  • Search Architecture and Design – Our team works with you on analyze-and-design tasks for a specific search project like an intranet or search-based application. This produces system blueprints and the technical design documents needed to develop the end system or application.
  • Search Development and Implementation – We conduct development and deployment tasks, the final steps in the process, to ensure successful delivery and deployment of your search system or application.
Workplace Applications
CATEC provides a flexible industrialized approach to app development.
Companies face new challenges in an app-dominated workplace. Their workforce is changing, and information workers have higher expectations, like anytime, anywhere access to content on any device. As a matter of fact, IT consumerization has Gen-Y employees expecting applications to run and deliver without a learning curve. They are seeking higher value and a different work-life balance.

To that effect, business units are required to deliver more agility and a faster self-service driven-model but developing collaboration apps requires increased complexity and risk, and faces a lack of in-house skills. The CATEC Workplace Apps provide an industrialized approach to collaboration app development with flexibility to react quickly on business requests. Leveraging enterprise-wide (hybrid) cloud platforms like SharePoint and Office 365, which provide global unified secure access and collaboration,
CATEC helps organizations develop and deploy collaboration apps in a predictable and time-efficient manner, making them available for reuse, and providing a flexible development framework.
  • Companies can benefit from apps already available in the CATEC store to develop their digital business processes quickly and efficiently with a reduced time to market
  • They have the option for CATEC to build new apps on demand
  • Finally, they can decide to leverage CATEC expertise to build a custom enterprise App Store and participate in the global new ecosystem of clients who benefit directly from what others are doing

Our Workplace Apps solution can help you turn your collaboration application vision into a reality, quickly and cost-effectively. It will help you:
  • Make apps available to your business units rapidly and efficiently
  • Develop a standardized approach to developing apps
  • Create a replicable model across the enterprise for every collaboration need
  • React quickly to business unit demands and requests
  • Benefit from a flexible development model, which allows you to either choose from existing apps or develop your own apps
  • Be part of a client ecosystem to share apps with other companies and benefit from the combined global experience
Enterprise Social Collaboration
Transform the way you do social.
Your workforce is changing. They are now communicating and collaborating using chat, text, social and other methods that are not part of traditional enterprise IT. CATEC Enterprise Social Collaboration helps you manage these changes by empowering your collaboration space to unlock the brilliance of your workforce.
The CATEC Enterprise Social Collaboration solution is a holistic approach that lets you integrate individuals’ skills and expertise with line-of-business applications.
When implemented, you will be able to act quickly, create a collaborative environment on the fly, and reduce deployment risks by identifying and engaging the most qualified specialists for critical initiatives.
CATEC Enterprise Social Collaboration fosters idea creation like never before, bringing new capabilities to your enterprise:
  • Remove knowledge silos: By providing a social computing solution that encourages sharing, captures knowledge, and enables immediate action on tasks, it empowers employees to collaborate in real-time
  • Locate expertise: Enterprise social collaboration provides an ideal way for your enterprise to find untapped talent within your workforce
  • Personal interactions: Leverage employee profiles and add valuable context for your discussions while building virtual relationships with your co-workers
  • Finding common interests: Find people with shared interests to help you solve large problems—or evolve whole new communities
  • Improve time to market: By leveraging internal employees or crowdsourcing with customers, you can innovate faster with a more direct focus on customer needs and what employees see in the marketplace.