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Smart Waste for Smart Cities Waste Talks Solution: for Municipal & State Government

Growth in population and change in lifestyles has led to increase in waste generation. Municipal solid waste includes residential and commercial wastes generated in city areas in either solid or semi-solid form including bio-medical wastes. Safe and cost-effective management of municipal solid waste is a significant social, environmental and health challenge for modern society.

A large number of cities do not have adequate processing facilities which mean that the municipalities tend to haphazardly dump wastes all over the landfills. Lack of storage and collection facilities, segregation of waste, pollution and contamination due to dumping of garbage on roads, open transportation in trucks, space constraints with landfills, social and environmental issues associated with landfills and lack of reusable and recyclables are the key issues in solid waste management.

Considering the social, environmental and health impact of waste management and sanitation, CATEC has launched Smart Integrated Waste Management Solution (Smart Talks). The objective of this Solution is to improve waste management practices leveraging modern technologies, eliminate open defecation and manual scavenging by providing central Command and Control Center, building a unified city dashboard, involving private sector, bring behavior change and social change.

CATEC’s Waste Talks Solution provides visibility on city sanitation & waste management, route planning for garbage collection, resource optimisation, efficient asset management, efficient maintenance, visibility of waste bins etc.

Online Paltform

Online platforms provide options and alternatives to the user to request any of the services available electronically through the latest communication channels; these services include and not limited to the following:

  • Applying for No Objection Certificate (NOC) by waste producers
  • Applying for NOC for adding/deleting an activity
  • Applying for a permit to practice the profession for environmental services providers
  • Applying for a landfill certificate
  • Request to add or delete a waste transportation vehicle
  • Paying all types of fees electronically by credit card
  • Updating establishment data (Data amendment application)

The online platform enables the user to check the status of submitted applications and view the account’s details, activities, vehicles, pick up requests, the paid amount for outstanding money.

The online platform increases the channels of communication with customers and provide better services to meet the needs of all segments of society, and maintain a high level of performance and continuous improvement of the services provided to customers in a safe and easy manner ensuring the delivery of the services 24 /7 and from any where.

Unified City Dashboard

Accurate projections on total waste generated, waste type and identification of high waste generation areas enable effective planning and management of solid waste management sector and services.

Connected Producers

Waste Producers and Citizens can be encouraged to report (web/mobile/social channels) waste-related activities which need urgent attention from the authorities.

Connected Contractors

The contract management Platform enables the municipalities and community management to have a comprehensive waste management monitoring, control, data collection and analytical systems and ensures contractor compliance to the contractual aspects, guidelines and regulations. The Contract Management Platform provides the following features:

  • 360o view and full automation of contacts including contract terms, contacts, SLA, KPIs, penalties.
  • Incident lifecycle management Automation including Initialization, assignment, processing and closing.
  • Violations Automation
  • Non-compliance reporting and notifications.
  • friendly notification tracking and management module
  • centralized integrated database for inspection of waste collection & Pest Control management.
  • Template management module for internal and external official correspondence
  • Complaints Handling module
  • Financial module and capabilities.
  • GIS based information and reports
  • Call center Integration Capability
  • Dashboard for contractors’ performance including: 360o Incident reports, Violation reports, Penalties reports and Financial reports
  • Mobile Application for Inspectors, Contract managers, contractors and business users.

Connected Vehicle

CATEC has been developing an Automated Truck and bin Monitoring System for solid and sewage waste trucks using RFID, GPS, GPRS and onboard load sensors, interfaced with low cost camera for solution of existing problems and streamline solid waste disposal monitoring and management efficiencies. This solution is developed to be as compacted, robust, energetically efficient and reliable as possible. Data from the truck network are recorded and transferred to a control server through GPS/GPRS system. The control server monitors the information and optimizes truck routes and bins location according to the waste estimation. The developed solution provides:

  • Improved performance on real-time bin status, estimation of solid waste amount and time and location of the truck service.
  • Hazardous waste Disposal monitoring and Tracking
  • Sewage waste Illegal dumping monitoring and Tracking
  • Solid waste illegal dumping monitoring and Tracking
  • Violations monitoring and Tracking
  • Outside country boarders monitoring and Tracking
  • Driver behavior monitoring and Tracking
  • Fuel Consumption & Theft Tracking
  • Fleet Operations & Utilization Tracking
  • Trip Management & Route Optimization
  • Toll Charging and Settlement

Pay As You Throw

Another solution implemented with RFID, GPS and Load sensors technologies is Pay As You Throw (PAYT), add a scale to the truck to figure out the weight of the waste being produced by waste producers. Charge the pound (the customer’s account is linked to the RFID tag), and regulators/governments can incentivizing waste producers to minimize their waste.

Connected Producer eManifest

eManifest is a set of electronic forms, reports, and procedures designed to seamlessly track All type of wastes from the time it leaves the generator facility where it was produced, until it reaches the off-site waste management facility that will store, treat or dispose of the waste. The eManifest is an important milestone in the waste management sector, it provides a system for regulators to carry out audits of waste and ensure compliance with the duty of care. The waste regulator can also use the eManifest to record and manage the operators’ waste movements and for regulatory and policies development purposes.

Connected Bins

Sensor-based waste bins to identify status of waste bins if it is empty, or filled so as to optimise the waste collection operations accordingly and save costs

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Smart City as a Service Managed Services

At CATEC we have the tools and techniques to work with cities to solve their ICT challenges and keep city wide systems running efficiently. To make it easier and for daily operations, our network, platforms and our consulting expertise are all offered to cities administration as a Managed Service. In this model, we will operate the entire Smart City infrastructure, or operate and transfer it post-operative conditions. This can similarly be extended to townships and other units of community living.

CATEC component-wise managed services include:

  • Utility Billing.
  • Parking Management.
  • Toll Charging and Settlement
  • Public/City Asset Management
  • Meter Reading
  • Monitoring of Goods, Vehicles and other Assets
  • Public Transportation Information Management