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Governments and organisations world over are adopting new ways to become more responsive and accountable in the way they operate. A key imperative is to have a robust system in place that manages all inward/outward as well as inter/intra departmental correspondences. These correspondences carry critical information; which if delivered accurately and on-time, can enhance the productivity of government agencies immensely.

Overview Governments and organisations world over are adopting new ways to become more responsive and accountable in the way they operate.

Manage Diverse

Seamlessly segregate and prioritize different types of inward and outward correspondences.

Ensure Traceability

Leverage end-to-end visibility of correspondences across complex dissemination chains.

Induce Accountability

Assign clear ownership to ensure on-time actions and proactive responses to correspondences.

Enhance Security

Closely monitored access to confidential files and documents prevents any kind of information security breach

Ensure Compliance

Process consistency allows adherence to all regulatory compliances and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Owing to the large volumes and nature of these correspondences that involves multi-level collaboration between various stakeholders, a majority of the resources are spent on tracking and administering them, rather than in taking appropriate actions. Complexities in processing result in increased costs, higher turnaround time and noncompliance, which may bear several financial and nonfinancial implications

Organizations in the public sector need a system that streamlines the complete lifecycle of a correspondence – From origination to dissemination; with smart capabilities for sorting, processing and communicating correspondences across departments.

BARQ Correspondence Management System provides a unified platform to manage all Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Government (G2G) correspondences. Built on our custom-made Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management platforms, it transforms the day-to-day operations at all levels of administrative hierarchy by automating key stages of correspondence management.

How it work

Benefits & Functionality

Correspondence management is a fundamental business function for enterprises across industries. From banking and insurance to healthcare, retail, travel, and government — whatever your field, communicating with clients or constituents through correspondence is a requirement.

Better, Fast, Cheaper
Organizations investing in correspondence management improvements can expect several benefits that derive from increased automation, better management of content, and vendor or data center technology consolidation. Organizations can estimate the scale, timing, and duration of these benefits by considering one or more key metrics and the value to the organization of improving those metrics over time.
Compliance with Regulations
Industries like insurance and financial services especially benefit through greater control of customer communications to meet regulatory requirements, particularly because of the ability to quickly address new requirements and provide an audit trail. BARQ eases conformance around formats, provides workflow management for multilevel approvals, and has business process management (BPM) capabilities for additional business rules to address regulation.
Cost Saving
Cost savings from BARQ start with the low hanging fruit like reducing paper usage and costs associated with printing and distribution. Correspondence management, through integration with customer or employee databases, helps reduce the mailings needed by better coordinating statement delivery with offers and other timely, relevant materials, and helps increase electronic delivery. Consolidating legacy mainframe systems, data centers, and vendors also results in large ongoing cost reductions.
Increased Content Efficiency
The organizations with cited the dramatic reduction in time spent updating correspondence templates, usually from weeks or days to hours. BARQ empowers business users to manage template creation and changes, a benefit extolled by IT as well as the business. Consistency in correspondence design across channels and the ability to consolidate templates also streamline the content management processes.
Improve Customer Service
Because of improved content control, customer service also benefits. Customer service areas often see reduced errors in customer communications, real time access to customer documents, better quality documents, and increased relevance of marketing content.


Business Needs Addressed by BARQ

  • Reducing the number of stages, the correspondences go through in their path till they reach their final destination.
  • Saving time and effort through giving the ability to trace the correspondences state in terms of knowing their location in the department(s), who is the person responsible to take actions against them, delays, bottleneck etc…
  • Enforcing security and secrecy where only the concerned department will be able to view the correspondence.
  • Acquiring electronic images of the correspondences generated from the system or any other paper correspondences sent to the different departments of the organization either internally from other department or from an external party.
  • Linking incoming and outgoing correspondences related to a certain subject, in addition to linking with referenced correspondences/documents from within the correspondences, which gives the user the ability to navigate quickly and easily through the linked correspondences from a single interface.
  • Interfacing/integrating with other systems in the different organization's departments.

Make every communication count

  • Engage users and increase satisfaction with personalized, interactive, relevant communications.
  • Reduce costs with time-saving business rules and workflows that increase speed and productivity.
  • Increase control and drive consistency for compliance, accuracy, and security.

Engage users with timely, relevant correspondence

Users get frustrated when they receive inconsistent messages from different channels or delayed communications that are riddled with errors. BARQ enables the fast assembly of correspondence from both pre-approved and custom-authored content. You can customize when needed, attach documents, and include interactive components that make your message more compelling. Built-in, end-to-end document security protects sensitive information, no matter how you send it.

Reduce costs by streamlining correspondence creation

Manual document assembly and management wastes millions of dollars in time and expenses and ends up in lost opportunities. Keep cost and complexity in check with BARQ. Easy-to-use design interfaces and streamlined management support complex requirements across systems, workflows, and business rules, removing the obstacles to creating and delivering timely correspondence that meets the needs of your clients and stakeholders. You significantly reduce processing time and the average cost per transaction, saving money and resources while improving the quality of your communications.

Increase control with consistency and visibility

Inconsistent messaging and poor-quality correspondence damage your brand and impact your organization. BARQ centralizes business rules and provides access to a repository of pre-approved content to ensure that your customers receive the same messages through any channel. Ensure quality control by sending completed correspondence to back-end processes for review and approval. Process control and audit trails with change history increase visibility and enforce continuous compliance.

Ongoing value from an extensible platform

Turn one-way communications into two-way dynamic interactions by connecting correspondence to business processes. BARQ is an enterprise platform that integrates with your systems and processes to help you create easy-to-use interfaces for front-line employees and consistent, interactive, and compelling communications for your customers and stakeholders.