Regulatory Management System (RMS)

Centralized operations & monitoring FOR SMART CITIES

Cloud | On-Premise

From our deep experience in regulation monitoring, governments are usually faced with huge amounts of scenarios and high complexity to monitor regulated sectors and activities. Thus, the need for Enterprise Regulatory Management System (RMS) became very important to monitor the compliance to the applicable regulations.


The farther afield your colleagues, vehicles and shipments are, the more vulnerable your organization is to outside forces. Mechanical issues, traffic, inclement weather, detours, driver judgement, criminal activity and other environmental challenges can erode productivity, efficiency and promises made. LIMITLESS puts the control back in your hands, with state of the art Satellite/GPRS-based smart technologies that monitor and track every movement, every step of the way.

It will collect live geo-location data from moving vehicles - as well as other relevant information - and promote strict enforcement of all mobility regulations through live analysis and alerts, live transparency and performance indicators across all regulated transport modes in the Emirate.