Intelligence Robotic Engine

Help you transform your business into ROBOTIC AUTOMATION

Cloud | On-Premise

A Robotic Software Engine Contains libraries to perform Actions over WhatsApp web page Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology.

  • All The RPA Processes can be Created in 3 easy steps (Imaging-configuring- Confirming) with Zero Coding and with the ability to perform a full simulation for it before confirmation to be used on MAHEN Robot Server.
  • MAHEN Windows Application Allow the Admin to see All the Logs and the Current Status for MAHEN Robot Server in Real Time and to Fully Control MAHEN Robot on The Server.
  • No databases nor any kind of integrations or Web APIs are required.
  • Brings a Virtual Assistant To WhatsApp
  • Attended Robotic Process Automation runs at your command.
  • Efficiency gains (operate 24 hours a day and without error)

The industry’s most versatile Robot uniquely specializes in both human-led and robot-led automation scenarios.